Check Mate

Second Wednesday volunteering at JH- and I lost at chess. Twice. After greeting the guests at the front door with Vince, I sat down and played a friendly game of chess with James. James is a 56 year old black man, he used to have nice engineering jobs and a house. His family doesn’t live in the area anymore, and I’m not sure how long he’s been homeless. He currently works, and dresses better than most in the shelter. He had the silly notion that I was good at chess before we even played, and sadly I disappointed him. The game lasted a good while, I was hanging on tight… but really the longevity was because I took so long to think for each turn. And still lost. But it’s ok James, cause tomorrow night I’ll be back and its round dos! I also played chess with another older gentleman, OG he introduced himself, for Original Gangster. I don’t think it was his given name. We played for a good while and alas, he beat me too. James said if my friends from school saw me now they’d be ashamed at my playing. I tried to tell him I haven’t played chess in years, but he was having none of my excuses.

No one from JH has heard from Joe yet.


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