Poem- Ode to Running


Dear Running,

I thank you for our morning jogs

And the many miles together

As we pass many sights in Camden and Philly, and

feel the changing of seasons and weather

Sometimes fast and sometimes slow

But the real question is-

Why so many more miles still to go?

My white and blue Asics

You have done me so well.

Through short runs and long,

I thought all this training to be my death knell.

But you have held steadfast,

And kept my feet firm

Yet as I slip into your soles

It’s really for my warm, cozy bed I yearn.

Many people I pass,

Bankers, professionals, don’t forget the unemployed

Some homeless hunting for food in trash

The scrappy contents enjoyed.

Through pot holed streets, by weeds and drug needles

The physical surroundings tell a story

I see abandoned buildings- houses and old factories,

Abandoned- like Camden’s former glory

But then I turn the corner, and there it lies

Newly planted flowers, a new park for all to see

Thanks to the work of our Americorp neighbors,

Our hope is reinforced, through this small piece of beauty

My feet have trodden so many weary miles

Though I’m spared of injuries that are major

My knees hurt and the shins they splint,

I’ll fall apart before the race, I wager

Yet I continue to run

Though the lack of motivation often persists

Soon I will gladly cross that finish line

And enjoy the sweet benefits which a recliner consists!


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