Camden History Highlight: Antonio Mecca and The White House

The White House, at 819 South Fourth Street, was built by prominent Camden resident Antonio Mecca in 1906. Born from humble beginning in Italy in 1873, he came to America in 1888 and started off by picking berries in Hammonton. His business career started from selling fruit in a pushcart, to owning a liquor store, to owning a funeral business, real estate, fire insurance, was a notary public, and ran a post office substation from his funeral parlor building.

His ‘White House’ building, built in Mediterranean  villa style, was known by everyone around. It was so well known to the Italian immigrant population by that name that when they took their citizenship test, and were asked the question, “Who lives in the White House?”, many answered Antonio Mecca.

After falling into disrepair, the house was renovated in the early 2000’s and a few hundred attended its reopening. For the full history:


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