Tent City politics- More functional than Camden City? Quite possible

This article highlights alot of issues with Camden, and it focuses heavily on the negative. It mentions drug addiction, prostitutes, Jamaica whom we’ve met at Tent City, and George Norcross the political boss. Norcross is a a highly powerful and politically influential man in South Jersey, and is basically the head of the Democratic machine in South Jersey. Camden politics are basically what he wants to get done, or not get done. It’s hard to pin down what is his agenda, sometimes his actions seem anti-Camden residents, other times pro-Camden residents- like advocating for more charter schools in the city. His only official title is head of the Board for Cooper Hospital, which is a big player in the city and financially powerful. He is motivated by money.  The best guess I’ve been told as to what’s his agenda: he is in favor of a weak and dysfunctional Camden government because it enables the private sector (his hospital, charter schools) to have more free reign to do as they please. Cooper resides in Camden tax free, FYI.



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