The Policing Debate

There’s alot of things Camden City cannot afford, or rather, the city decides with the money it has what it can and cannot afford. Generally police officers aren’t on the chopping block when it comes to budget cuts, but it happened here last January. Now the talks continue about integrating Camden city cops into a County wide police force. It would mean several things: the current city cops would all be laid off, and 49% of them could be rehired into the County force. Their previous pay would be cut in half of whatever they previously made. Since the County is a new employer, if someone was working towards retirement, that clock starts over again. Those are the negatives, the benefits would be- a potential increase in the amount of cops on the streets since they are paid less and is part of a larger force, and its more affordable for the City. It seems however to be an example of taking the road less desirable because of tight finances, which is a shame when it comes to policing. With too few cops, most of their duties are reactive- reacting to crimes and incidents, instead of reactive- preventing crime. You can take your pick which route is better, here’s two articles on the issue:

“Regional Force Gains Ground in Camden County”-

“City Council Urges Officials to Advance Plan for County Force”-


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