STOP- Stop Trauma on People

A group has formed, a group of people who recognize the significance each act of trauma, violence, and abuse that happens in Camden. Murders make the most news, but the acceptance of violence as a whole as a normal occurance in Camden leaves a population of children and adults coping with trauma. Over the next three months, this group aims to bring light to this issue and not allow each murder to get lost amongst  the others. Below is the schedule of events for October 1st. COME OUT AND SUPPORT!

Courier- Post Article:

Camden Group to start period of remembrance for victims of violence 

6:00 am- Roosevelt Plaza Memorial Park, across from City Hall. Cross Planting

4:00 pm- 7th and Linden, near the bridge. Second Cross planting

7:00 pm- Roosevelt Plaza- Large gathering for a candlelight vigil, bell ringing



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