about it all

The Oblates and DSW

The Oblates have been in Camden for over two years now. DSW is a project of the Oblates in the heart of Camden, NJ. Camden is often a hard and needy community, and the Oblates are in this community working to make the gospel relevant in this city. The Salesian spirituality that the Oblates espouse brings a valuable gift to the good work here

A little about myself 

I grew up in Williamsburg VA and went to Virginia Tech and studied Public and Urban Affairs. I only lived in Williamsburg before moving to Blacksburg for college, and both places are small suburban/rural places. But because of my major and natural interest in bigger cities, I wanted to do service in an urban environment after college. Last year I worked at Hopeworks, a youth development organization which helps get camden youth into college. This year I’m working where I live- at DSW. I’m working to help make DSW bigger and better with my partner in crime Rachel. I’m also doing various community activities, like keeping the park around the corner clean and safe, organizing around the abandonded housing issue, and leading an after school program at Holy Name about civic engagement and how to be active citizens. I also still live with Tim, whos working at Guadalupe now, and FJV Conor who is at Rutgers grad school.

Contact Info

Want to be on the monthly email update list? Let me know at  michaelwayne.morgan@gmail.com. Feel free to contact me with any questions/ comments about Camden, life, etc. And come VISIT Camden!

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